Supporting Pet Welfare & Youth Education

I feel good about working for a company that is making a difference in the world. The positive impact we have on our customers makes me feel my work is meaningful.

-Travis Vickery, Sr. Manager Risk Management

Boys and Girls Club of the Teneessee Valley

PetSafe Brands™ supports youth education through the Boys & Girls Club YouthForce University program, a youth career development program. Dedicated to helping young people become engaged in the workplace as contributing members of our community, YouthForce provides extensive job development information and opportunities to teenagers. Graduates get on-the-job practice with internships after the program is complete.

Go North Shelter Transport

Since 2014, we have donated over $20,000 to Peaceful Kingdom for the Go North Transport Collaborative. This project takes animals from maximum capacity shelters in east Tennessee to open shelters in the Northeast and upper Midwest. These receiving shelters are all under capacity and generally see pets adopted out in record time. The transport has saved over 5,000 pets since 2012.


In 2016, the annual PetSafe® Black Tie & Tails Gala benefitted a nonprofit program called H.A.B.I.T., an animal assisted therapy program based right here in east Tennessee. H.A.B.I.T. sponsors animal –assisted therapy programs for all ages in a variety of settings such as nursing and retirement homes, assisted living centers, hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, and area schools.

Junior Achievement BizTown® classroom

PetSafe Brands™ values entrepreneurship and wants to pass down that passion to the next generation. JA BizTown takes a cross-curricular approach to teaching students about economics, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship to prepare students for the workforce and a rapidly changing world. Studies in these learning laboratories throughout the nation show that JA BizTown students consistently increase their understanding of economic principles, government, and employment concepts.

Knoxville, the Most Pet Friendly Community

To show our appreciation for our pets and all they add to our life, we are making Knoxville the most pet friendly community in the nation! Our biggest impact has been helping create 9 dog parks in the Knoxville area.

Legacy Parks Foundation local dog park

Bordered by a hardwood forest, Tommy Schumpert Park in Knoxville features several fields, a disc golf course, a large picnic shelter, and a paved loop that connects to the greenway. Funded by PetSafe Brands™, the PetSafe Dog Park at Tommy Schumpert Park is a big hit for dogs to romp and play unleashed.

I was happy to attend the Santa fun Run this year (and this is my second) because it’s a good opportunity to spend time with my colleagues out of the office in a fun context. The best part is that by doing this, we are funding charities and supporting the community.

-Carlos Arques, International Customer Care

Morris Animal Foundation

As a national sponsor of the Morris Animal Foundation, we have helped raise awareness and funds for canine cancer research. A team of associates has dedicated countless hours to sponsoring and organizing several events to benefit the group. Our 2013 events brought in more than $80,000 to help further the work of the Morris Animal Foundation.

Pantry for Feeding Pets

The Pantry For Feeding Pets, PFFP project, began as a response to an awareness that many people coming to local food pantries for help also have difficulty feeding their dogs and cats. Hundreds of pets benefit each month from the distribution of pet food by Pantry For Feeding Pets volunteers working with local food relief pantries. PetSafe Brands™ proudly supports their mission to assist in feeding these animals to allow owners to care for their pets.

Tennessee Achieves

The state-wide program is a last-dollar scholarship and mentoring program that offers Tennessee public high school graduates up to $3,000 annually for community college tuition. Volunteers serve as mentors to help the students be successful at college. These high school scholars pay it forward with 8 hours of community service each semester.

United Way

PetSafe Brands™ has funded various United Way campaigns including employee fee matching. Last year the PetSafe Brands™-funded team played in the United Way Dodgeball Tournament, a charity event in which entry fees go towards United Way of Greater Knoxville's community campaign. United Way raises money for various partner programs focused on improving education, health, and financial stability for families.

University of Tennessee Animal Behavior Chair

We fund one of the few veterinary school behaviorist positions in the U.S. at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee (UT), Knoxville. The ultimate goal of an animal behaviorist is to help protect the bond between a human and companion animal. There is an extreme lack of clinical research in animal behavior, and with this initiative we hope to improve understanding of pets to improve their welfare.

Wilderwood Service Dogs & Smoky Mountain Service Dogs

These nonprofit organizations train service dogs for people with disabilities or neurological diseases, including autism, Alzheimer's, narcolepsy, and PTSD. We donate funds for the special training and equipment in addition to standard pet care supplies like leashes and food that service dogs need.

Young-Williams Animal Center

Young-Williams Animal Center is the official animal shelter for Knox County and the City of Knoxville. Their mission is to serve the community through innovative approaches to sheltering, adopting, and spaying/neutering of animals and public education about animal welfare. PetSafe Brands™ supports this nonprofit group through funding, volunteering, and events.

Apply for a Grant

Each year, we set aside a percentage of corporate profits to use for making charitable donations to qualifying organizations. We welcome your application to apply for funding. Eligible charities are devoted to animal welfare or youth development.

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